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The Problem.

In Madagascar 93 percent of the 6.6 million ur- ban population lives in informal settlements and squatters’ camps. Madagascar’s government reports a shortage of adequate housing with 87 percent of existing dwellings in the country’s Capitol found unfit for human habitation. They lack running water, sewage, or even electricity.

Our Solution.

Our solution to increase the availability of high quality affordable housing in Madagascar is made possible by combining two existing innovations, pressed earth bricks and interlocking bricks that reduce the cost of construction by as much as 50% and allow for families to participate in the building of their own home.

Our Impact.

Trano Mirary helps achieve the Millennium De- velopment Goal (MDG) of “greater access to adequate shelter.” Because our homes are built mostly out of earth they also help achieve the MDG of “environmental sustainability.” All homes feature a piped water supply and sewage con- nection. This helps meet the MDG of “increased access to clean water."

Affordable Housing

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